Where Your Beauty Beats Sephora Press Day 15 Feb

Hello Friends! I was lucky to be invited to another Sephora Press Day (the Universe is looking after me - so grateful).

This time, the press event was held at the Australia Technology Park and the show space was massive! I was also lucky enough to be able to do video interview with the CEO and co-founder of YUNI, Emmanuel Rey; Brian Granoff, who isTarte's Global Trainer; Alphie Sadsad,, the National Artistry Lead for Sephora Australia; and Brett Gallagher, Global Education Director for COVER FX. Those interviews will be on my Youtube channel soon, so stay tuned!

I took a lot of photographs and I want to share with you the exciting new products that are exclusive to Sephora in Australia. If you do not have a Sephora near you, you can shop at Sephora on their app or online at https://www.sephora.com.au. For my International friends, please go to https://www.sephora.com, and you will be directed to the appropriate webstore or you can locate your nearest Sephora store.

亲爱的朋友们,非常抱歉。 这里有太多的信息我想快点与你分享,所以我没有用中文写一切。 请原谅我。 您可以使用“Google Translate”等在线翻译。

I felt that for this Press Day, the focus was on skincare and "clean beauty". So the majority of the brands there were all about skincare. There were a few colour cosmetics brands there too like my faves: Tarte; Givenchy; Becca; Bite Beauty; Zoeva and Kat Von D. As you might already be aware, Tarte has a range of skincare products (they launched their own skincare a few years ago), so Tarte was showing both colour cosmetics as well as skincare. I AM so excited to share with you the new products from Tarte and I'll have a detailed commentary about Tarte's products in a separate article and Youtube video. I attended a Tarte event before Press Day and OMG it was so amazing and I have to tell you all about it. I practically spent the whole time at the Tarte event saying (continuously) "thank you, thank you, thank you".

Also, 100 Gold Members (loyalty program) of Sephora Australia (with a plus one) were invited to the event at night. Obviously, because Sephora is so good to me, I always do go and buy a lot of products from Sephora (a kind of thank you, I'm not one of those bloggers who just take free stuff and do nothing in return). Therefore, I am a Gold Member I seized the opportunity and invited one of my ex-boss' daughters from the Firm I used to work at. She (Laura), had an amazing time and it was also good for me to "see" the event from a customer's perspective.

So Friday, 15 February 2019 was a big day for me. I was at Press Day from 1 p.m. till 8 p.m. As I was interviewing quite a few people, I didn't manage to get to all of the stalls (even at the night session), so do forgive me if I have left out any brands. I'll be talking about their products in separate articles.

I do a lot of videos on my various social media platforms and I've linked them down below. There is a separate IG Story Highlight "SEPHORA", if you want to see more "video" action. I do a lot of daily Instastories, so follow me on my Instagram @teacupofmakeup_luxe (if you aren't already following me).

Thank you so much to Spehora Australia and One Day Dream PR for having me!!!


I think I first became aware of YUNI Beauty in 2018 at the SS18 Sephora Showcase. I wasn't able to talk to them as I had very little time. This time I was able to interview Emmanuel Rey, Founder & CEO of YUNI Beauty and also have a conversation with him about the beauty industry and many other topics that I am so interested in. Emmanuel is SO wise and has such a wealth of knowledge. I feel so blessed and enlightened.

The new product that YUNI is introducing is this very fascinating product called "Yunicorn" which is a cleanser and face mask. I can't wait to try this product and give you my thoughts on it. To see more of their products (before I get a chance to write my article on YUNI) I highly recommend that you go to their website https://www.yunibeauty.com

Whilst I was interviewing Emmanuel Rey, he brought along the hand cream above. He said that when he does interviews, he does a hand massage for the interviewer. How nice is that???!!!


It was so good to talk to Indie Lee again. I met her at a press event the day before the Sephora Press Day. I'll have a separate article on Indie Lee once I have tried her products. Indie was gracious and was so lovely to Laura at the night event.


Gahhh... I asked if they sold the "vaults" in the photo above, but unfortunately they don't (CRY)

As you might already know, I am a HUGE fan of Tarte. I've been collecting Tarte since 2010 (when I finally discovered the World of Beauty). I had a attended a Tarte event earlier in the week on Wednesday and I'll talk more about that event on a separate article. Thank you so much to the Tarte Team for being so kind, generous and patient. They were at Press Day from early morning (I think around 8 a.m. or earlier) and they were there all the way till 8 p.m. AND they were on their feet for majority of the time. WOW.

There are so many new products that Tarte has released this year. I'm really excited to tell you about them.

You can shop Tarte at:

One of my favorite foundations from Tarte that I use during the dryer and colder months is the "Rainforest of the Sea" one. The packaging has changed since this range was launched in around 2017. We were colour-matched and gifted one. Tarte's products ALWAYS work well for me and I have yet in my nine years of collecting Tarte, ever came across a Tarte product that I didn't enjoy using.