The Perfect Gift for Sensitive Skin: Avène Tolérance Extrême | 我的评论

I suffer from a lot of random skin allergies. I go through periods where I'm allergic to dust; certain home cleansing products; certain foods; grass and other plants and just about anything you can think of. I get huge welts that are extremely itchy that weep, are painful and hence I have a lot of scabs and scars all over. Especially on my hands.

我有很多皮肤过敏。 灰尘; 某些家庭清洁产品; 某些食物; 草等植物,都会引起我的过敏。 过敏的时期是相当随机的。 在这些时期,我会得到巨大的伤口,非常痒,哭泣; 是痛苦的,因此我有很多疤痕和伤疤。 特别是在我的手上。在这些时期,我变得对我使用的东西过于敏感。我的意思是,我要我所有使用的东西是卫生和清洁。所以当Avène推出这些护肤品时,我很开心。该护肤产品系列由Avène的科学家专门配制,适用于敏感和超敏皮肤。 它在2016年9月首次在澳大利亚推出。我从2016年7月开始使用它。这种护肤产品有三种产品:清洁乳液; 乳剂和霜剂。

During such periods, I become hyper sensitive to the things I use, meaning, I want everything to be as hygienic and clean.

SO, when I was invited to a spa session earlier this year to learn and experience Eau Thermale Avène Tolérance Extrême's range (they even gave us a monogrammed bath robe - which I can't bring myself to use because it is sooo gorgeous); I was excited. BEYOND excited.

This range has been specially formulated by Avène's scientists for sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Oh parfait pour moi! Merci!

It was first launched in Australia in September 2016. I was able to trial it since July 2016.

There are three items in this range; a cleansing lotion; an emulsion and a cream. Each comes with a special D.E.F.I packaging [D.E.F.I means 'Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity' – developed and patented by Pierre Fabre (company that owns the Eau Thermale Avène brand)]. I am absolutely fascinated about this packaging. It is so ingenious. It protects the products from being contaminated by bacteria. As it is airtight, it means no preservatives are required to keep the product as fresh as the day you first start using it.

每个产品都有一个特殊的包装,保持容器气密。 它保持没有细菌。 此外,它们不不必要使用任何防腐剂。 每个产品最多有8种成分。

Everytime I use it, I am confident that it is sterile, fresh and effective for my bouts of allergies where I become O.C.D. about hygiene.

Each product contains no more than 8 ingredients. That's what makes it so effective I think. "Less is More" as they say. The ingredients include:

  • Avène's Thermale Spring Water: known for its soothing and anti-irritation properties (there is not a day that goes by where I don't use Avène's mist) | 热泉水。 以舒缓和抗刺激的特性。

  • Glycerin - a moisture attracting agent 甘油 - 吸引水分的材料。

  • Emollients - triglyceride (derived from glycerol and three fatty acids and the main substance in human body fat); squalene (commonly now derived from plants like olives - this man made substance is as close to sebum that our face produces); shea butter (we all know what that is); safflower oil which comforts and protects the skin. | 材料舒适和保护皮肤 - 三酸甘油脂 -(衍生自甘油和三种脂肪酸和人体脂肪中的主要物质); 角鲨烯(通常生自像橄榄的植物 - 与我们的脸所产生的皮脂接近); 牛油果 和红花油。

Each product in the range has 0% preservative, 0% paraben, 0% emulsifier, 0% fragrance, 0% alcohol, 0% surfactants. 每种产品没有任何防腐剂,对羟基苯甲酸酯,乳化剂,香料,酒精和表面活性剂。

To prove its efficacy, Pierre Fabre tested the products on over 1,200 subjects with sensitive to hypersensitive skin. Most skin care products are tested on a minimum of 60 subjects (I recall this is the legal standard). 这些产品测试超过有敏感的皮肤的1200人。 大多数护肤品至少有60人测试(我记得这是法律标准)。

This range is available at | 购买在 most major pharmacies including Priceline (click here to shop online) and Discount Chemist Warehouse (click here to shop online). For a full list of stores (在它们的网站上列表零售商店) go to

1. The Tolérance Extrême Cleansing Lotion

The Tolérance Extrême Cleansing Lotion RRPA$47.95 (200ml)


This cleansing lotion is a very gentle milky cleanser. It is non-foaming and you don't have to rinse it off. I love how the back of the bottle has a little image telling you to roll up the tube to get as much out. So thoughtful. 您不需要冲洗本产品。

Ultra special airtight packaging. It's like a rubber disc that slowly pushes out the product as you squeeze the tube. I find this fascinating. O.K. I'm a bit weird, but it does indicate that it is airtight. 这就是它们的气密包装。 我对它觉得很巧妙。

As you can see, the texture is very milky. I found that the best way to use it (for myself) was to massage an amount (roughly equal to a ball about the size of a cherry) onto my dirt and makeup covered face and neck area. Massage it in well till you see all of the makeup melt. Then I use cotton pads to remove the cleanser. I then follow this with a spritz of Avène's Thermale Spring Water Spray. My face felt soft and clean.

I found that I could also use my Clarisonic with it. Just first massage the product all over your face and neck and use your Clarisonic (dry) as you normally would.

It did a good job of removing most of my makeup (including waterproof makeup) and I then removed any trace elements using Avène micellar water and toner.

The milky non-rinse off formula is pretty handy for long haul flights. If you can dispense a small amount into a sterile container, you can use it as a skin prep before your plane lands, so you don't look too horrible.

如何使用它:首先你按摩少量在你的脸和颈部。 然后,你使用一些棉垫轻轻地擦掉。 使用后,你可以喷在一些Avène's Thermale Spring Water Spray。我的脸感觉很光滑。 它帮助消除刺激和滋润我的脸和脖子。你也可以用它与你的Clarisonic。 首先按摩乳液在你脸上,然后正常使用你的clarisonic。

As a demonstration, the above photo shows my hand looking much smoother (and of course cleaner). It also had a plumping effect showing it was more moisturised. 在这张照片中,你可以看到我的皮肤是保湿和光滑的。

2. The Tolérance Extrême Emulsion

The Tolérance Extrême Emulsion RRPA$49.95


Front and back.

The emulsion is a lighter lotion. I found that I could apply it on my face and the parts of my body that was covered in rashes. It is suitable for normal and combination skin. This is Avène's first "fusional" moisturiser. It is also made from only 7 ingredients and has been formulated to mimic the body's hydrolipidic layer, making it absorb much faster.

乳液是较轻的。 我发现我可以把它应用在我的脸上和我身上的皮疹。 它适合于正常和干燥却油性皮肤类型。 这是Avène的第一个“融合”保湿霜。 它由只7个成分,并配制成模仿身体的水性脂质层,使其吸收快得多。