Mecca Holiday 2018 Preview

Hello Friends! It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!! Expect lots of makeup/beauty porn in this article.

Here are some photos and a vlog on the "must-have" exclusive to Mecca Holiday 2018 Limited Edition collections.

On 6th September 2018, I was invited to preview the Mecca Holiday 2018 collections. Here in Australia, there is almost a strict delineation between brands that are exclusive to Mecca (Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima) and those that are exclusive to Sephora. So not quite like how it is Overseas.

It is a lot of #makeupporn and I've also included some commentary on my picks from the bunch. I also hope you enjoy the vlog as I often get requests to do more vlogs.

This year's Mecca limited edition packaging has been designed by Rebecca Baumann as part of Mecca's on-going partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria.

The displays were divided up into (1) Colour; (2) Skincare Kits; (4) Stocking Stuffers; (5) Luxury gift sets; (6) Mecca Maxima; (7) Mecca Cosmetica; and finally (9) home scents and fragrances.

I do not as yet have the press kit with the prices but I hope this will help you decide on what to get.

The release dates that I have been give are: 25 October 2018 - a pre-release of some of the products; and a full release of everything on 8 November 2018.

I believe that prices will be about the same as last year, so hopefully that gives you a good idea for budgeting.


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I have a few more photos of what the Showing Space looks like. I've also included, below, a lot of photos of products that caught my eye and that are on my wish list.

The Colour Collection

Admittedly, I went straight for this table. My makeup hoarder/addiction leans towards colour products. Everything about them fascinates me. The packaging, the formulas, the names... heavenly.

Of course, I had to start with NARS. The collection is incredible and I really don't know how they come up with even "better than last year's" collections. Usually the limited edition collection is a collaboration with an artist/fashion designer/photographer. I think in my excitement over the collection, I totally forgot about this most crucial part. I've been collecting NARS since 2010, so I am sorry. I am quite disappointed in myself. I did manage to find a VIMEO video by Bruno Ilogti below which is supposed to be about the 2018 Holiday collection.

The collection is edgy; punk and extremely covetable. I think most of my budget is going to be spent on this collection.

Oddly enough, they did not have the just released NARS Infatuation palette on display. This palette has been released in the USA (see photo below).

The palettes in this collection had the similar encrusted lids. The two that I saw had a black lid and a deep red lid. I just went "shuddubalreadytakemymoneynow". There are kits of velvet lip pencils, the Power Matte Lip Pigments (in METALLIC, OMG) and lip glides.

Next on my wishlist are the Hourglass palettes. In addition to the annual "mix of powders" set, they have a 6 pan strobe powder set. I need both in my life. Basically I need everything you see in the photo in my life.