Fresh Beauties

Hello Friends! Cult Skincare Brand "Fresh Beauty" has finally arrived in Australia. Touted as "the biggest skincare launch of 2018", Australia was covered in roses for a week! Fresh Beauty products are now available exclusively to Sephora Australia. You can shop in store or online (@sephoraaus).

上周我被邀请参加一个庆祝Fresh护肤品牌在澳大利亚的约会。在那个约会, 我很荣幸能够与Fresh的创造者见面并交谈,Sephora 也给我一盒Fresh的护肤品。

If you are following me on my Instagram channel @teacupofmakeup, you would have caught some of my demos of Fresh's skincare products. I capture pretty much most of my day on my Instastories, and I also do lots of demos, so do follow me @teacupofmakeup.

如果你在Instagram上关注我,你会看到很多护肤和化妆演示。 请按照我的Instagram! 只需按这里 @teacupofmakeup

Last week on March 27th 2018, I was invited as part of the blogger community by Sephora to attend an evening session to celebrate the launch of Fresh in Australia. Not only did I get to meet and briefly chat with founders of Fresh; Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg and learn about how Fresh was created, I was also gifted a very generous box of Fresh Goodies. Thank you Sephora!

Fresh Skincare was launched in 1991 in Boston USA. The first product that brought sparked off the "Fresh Craze" was the launch of their iconic oval soaps. Now Fresh has skincare, lip care, bodycare, and fragrances. To learn more about Fresh click here!

Fresh的护肤品牌拥有25年的悠久历史。 如果您想了解更多关于它们的信息,请点击此处访问它们的网站! 它们有很多产品,包括护肤品,唇部护理,身体护理和香水。我之前有使用过它们的产品。关于奢侈护肤品, 在我讨论它们的好处之前,我必须首先使用它们至少3个月。 所以我有信心在这里写我对它们的想法。我对它们的护肤品有信心。

I have tried Fresh skincare products before (I would buy them from the USA) and hence I feel confident enough to give you my thoughts on the products featured in this post. Generally, I like to test luxe skincare for a reasonable length of time (at least 3 months) before writing about them.

The products I was gifted are (我将会讨论这些产品):

  • Sugar Advanced Kip Therapy

  • Tinted Sugar Rose Lip Therapy

  • Fresh Life soap bar

  • Soy Fresh Face Cleanser

  • Rose Face Mask

  • Deep Rose Hydration Face Cream

  • Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

  • Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

  • Sample size Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

The first ever Fresh product I tried was their Sugar Lip Treatments. Highly moisturising, the main active ingredients in them are:

  • Sugar which is known to be a natural humectant, to help prevent loss of moisture.

  • A mix of nourishing moisturising oils, which meadowfoam and black currant seed oils.

  • Grape seed oil which helps to smooth and soften and rich in antioxidants.

The Sugar Advanced Lip treatment contains Sea Fennel to help reduce lines and also Orange extract to help protect the lips. There are a number of tinted versions. The one shown above is the Rose Tinted one and it also has SPF 15.

One of the main things that drew me to try these was the unique packaging. It is luxe, has the look and feel of porcelain and it screws shut. You might think "oh it screws shut, big deal!", but actually I found this to be most practical as I have had so many lip balms dry up on me because the caps have fallen off.

They have a light and smooth texture. They melt into the lips. Since they are made of sugar, it is not surprising that they smell like brown sugar with a hint of vanilla. The Rose Tinted one has a light rose scent. They both have a noticeable citrus taste. Not unpleasant.

我尝试的第一个产品是它们的润唇膏。 它们由糖和各种营养油制成。 它们也有不同彩色的唇膏。 上面这张照片中的玫瑰花有SPF 15.他们有轻微的柑橘味道。 它们有一点香草味和玫瑰味。 质地丰富而光滑。 它们觉得舒服,很滋润。 我喜欢它的豪华包装。 有昂贵的感觉。 盖上螺丝,你永远不会失去它的封面。 好聪明!

Fresh's iconic oval soaps were the first products that made Fresh famous. These oval soaps come in a variety of scents and ingredients. The one above is called the "Fresh Life Oval Soap". The oval soaps are vegetable based soaps and each are hand wrapped. They are dense and hard soaps and I found that they generally lasted for a long time. The "Fresh Life Oval Soap" has moisturizing shea butter and is infused with a citrus scent. Each soap is tied with a thin wire which has a semi-precious stone attached to it. To explore more of Fresh's extensive range of oval soaps, just click here. They also have a range of limited edition zodiac inspired oval soaps which come with your birth month's gemstone.

这个品牌最着名的产品之一是Fresh的肥皂。 这些肥皂是手工制作的。 Fresh的肥皂也用手工来包裹肥皂,用细线捆绑。 每块肥皂都有一块微小的半宝石肥皂。 这些肥皂有很多类型(请按此处查看其他肥皂)。 上面这张照片中的肥皂是“Fresh Life Oval Soap”。 它由保湿乳木果油和滋养油制成。 这种肥皂的质地非常好。 它很耐用,使我的皮肤感觉滋润。

I quite enjoy Fresh's Soy Fresh Face Cleanser. It is a light gel cleanser that smells like fresh cucumbers with a hint of rose. This cleanser is meant to suit all skin types. It does not foam up much (I like cleansers that foam up) but it does leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed. My face did not feel tight after using it. It is a very gentle cleanser. It is fairly effective in removing makeup, but if you are wearing long wear makeup, I would suggest double cleansing.

The active ingredients are:

  • Amino acid-rich soy proteins to help maintain elasticity and healthy skin.

  • Rosewater to help calm and balance the skin.

  • Cucumber extract to sooth the skin.

  • Borage seed oil to nourish the skin.

“Soy Fresh Face Cleanser”是一款轻盈的凝胶型洁面乳。 它非常温和,适合所有皮肤类型。 它有新鲜的黄瓜和玫瑰香味。 成分包括氨基酸,黄瓜提取物,玫瑰水和琉璃苣籽油。 这款洁面乳没有泡沫。 使用后,我的脸感觉柔软清新。 如果您持续使用化妆品,我建议您也可以使用其他产品彻底清洁您的皮肤。

You can see the light gel texture of the Soy Fresh Face Cleanser in the photo above.

Fresh is famous for their rose products. They have quite a range of skincare products made from roses.

In the above photo is the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. This is a light weight moisturiser that almost feels like a gel moisturiser. It is light and airy. The active ingredients are:

  • Hydropatches for a protective moisturizing veil to help attract and retain moisture.

  • Angelica leaf extract is known to help retain moisture.

  • An advanced combination of hyaluronic acids helps attract and increase moisture for deep hydration.

  • Rosewater helps to soothe and rose flower oil helps to nourish.

  • Plum seed oil helps to hydrate and maintain a healthy-looking complexion

It smells exactly like rose water (think: "rose flavoured turkish delights"). It is refreshing, light and effective. Though it is advertised as a moisturiser for normal to dry skin, I found that it worked well on my oily combination dehydrated skin. It has a 24 hour time release. I used this during the dryer and colder months and it worked well under my makeup. Some may not like the strong rose scent but I found it quite relaxing.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydrating Face Cream 是一款轻盈有效的面霜。 成分包括透明质酸; 当归叶提取物; 玫瑰水和李子籽油。 他们说它有一个“时间释放”技术,让你的皮肤保湿24小时。 它应该是用于中性至干性皮肤类型,但我可以使用它。 我有油性脱水的皮肤。 质地轻盈,凝胶状。 它吸收到皮肤非常快。 我喜欢在寒冷的月份使用它。