BECCA Be A Light

Greetings! My friends, you are in for a treat today. If you love Becca as much as I do, here is quite a lot of Becca LOVE.

I was gifted the Light to Medium Palette by Sephora Australia at the Sephora Showcase in July 2018 and I purchased the Medium to Dark Palette. So I have had a chance to really test out these palettes.

In Australia, you can purchase these limited edition palettes from Sephora online and in stores.

World-wide, you should be able to find Becca stockist by going to

The name of these palettes i.e. “Be A Light” really struck an emotional chord with me. The name really resonated with me.

I feel that in the Blogger/Youtuber/influencer community, that there are some people who want to pull you down by being negative about your posts and/or are so rude in real life. I’ve been to a few events where some of these people think the World of themselves and simply do not even acknowledge my existence. I've had bloggers/influencers that I have supported by helping them with their social media channels; providing editing and lighting tips; introducing them to brands and/or PR firms, who just can't be bothered with me after all that.

Then there are some very (rare) lovely people who do bring light and joy into your life. I’m not sure if this was Becca’s intention with the name of this palette, but it really and truly “spoke” to me. I want to “Be A Light” to people no matter if they are in the Blogger/Youtuber community or not.

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Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


YUP. In a word “GAHHHH!!!!”.

The packaging is stunning. The pans of powders look like gem stones.

When you first use them, you will see how finely milled the powders are. Becca’s powder highlighters are legendary for being smooth; finely milled and to have a creamy consistency. This was the same for both palettes.

In Australia, they retail for A$78 each. They are well worth that price as each palette contains so much product that I can’t imagine I would ever hit pan if I used it everyday for a a year.

Each palette comes with four pans:

  1. Brighten Powder: for use all over the face to brightening and radiance

  2. Blur Powder: for use all over the face to blur out imperfections and even skin tone

  3. Blush: which I have also used on the eyes

  4. Contour

The total net weight is 15 grams and the palettes are made in Italy (where it is known they make the loveliest powder cosmetics).

The Light to Medium Palette comes in a metal gold case with a large mirror. The Medium to Dark Palette is the same but comes in a rose gold/copper toned case.

The Light to Medium palette (in the photo above) was perfect for me. The shades really worked on my complexion as you will see below.

You are meant to apply the powders in the following order:

  1. Brighten Powder: for use all over the face to brightening and radiance

  2. Blur Powder: for use all over the face to blur out imperfections and even skin tone

  3. Blush: which I have also used on the eyes

  4. Contour

I found the powders to be rich, creamy and easy to blend. They just seem to “melt” so well into your skin and gives you that filtered/airbrush look. The blush and contour shades are pigmented, so I would recommend slowly building up the colour.

I use the Brighten and Blur powders by pressing them into my skin with a beauty blender (or sponge). I find that for me, using it this way, both sets my makeup and hides my pores better. I then use a fluffy face brush to blend them out a bit more.

Even though the Medium to Dark Palette is too dark for my complexion, I am still glad I bought it. The blush is gorgeous and I would wear it on both my eyes and face. The Brightening Powder; Blur Powder and Contour shades are also very pretty on the eyes and if I want to do a much deeper contour.

The blushes have reflective gold pigments that are swirled into them. They are quite beautiful from this aspect alone. They are even more beautiful on the face as they give you a blush that also works as a highlighter.

On a “good skin day”, I like to wear a bit of the Brighten and Blur powders on top of my sunscreen. This helps keep my complexion looking more matte then if I was to wear the sunscreen alone and they also give me a more flawless and radiant look without having to apply foundations/BB/CC creams.


I’ve done swatches both on my arms and on paper. Some of the shades just blend right into my skin tone, so I thought I would do paper swatches as well.

How beautiful are the blushes?!?! Simply stunning.

The contour shades look amazing on the eyes too.