Fragrances You Have To Have | 最流行的香水

These are my absolute favourite scents/brands of fragrances (excluding the new Chanel No. 5). Some of them are new releases that are fast becoming cult favourites and some of them are 'good old faves' you can always count on. Here is some "gift inspo" for you.

这些是我绝对喜欢的香水(不包括新的Chanel No.5)。 其中一些是新的版本,正在迅速成为崇拜的喜好,其中一些你总是可以指望任何事件。 这些是我的精彩推荐的香水。适合作为礼品。

I haven't included a price list as prices differ from where you might purchase them from and in which country you are. There are some that are exclusive to Sephora in Australia. I have included links to the individual brands' websites if you want to learn more about them.

我没有包括价格,因为价格将不同取决于你从哪里和你在哪个国家买它们。 有些只能在澳大利亚的Sephora购买。

Some of the scents are unisex or are what I think are unisex - you know, that "sexy man smell" wink wink! 一些可以由男人和女人穿。

还有一件事, 请原谅我,如果我的中文翻译不好。 我还在学习如何描述香水的心情和气味!!!

Let's start with one of my go-to brands. Say Hello to Nest Fragrances. 让我们从一个我可以信赖的品牌开始。这是Nest Fragrances

I can't really remember when I got hooked on them, but let's say it's been a long time. I even included one of their gift sets in my 2014 X'mas Gift Guide on Youtube (click on the photo below if you want to watch it. The gift guide is pretty much evergreen).

我不能真正记住,当我第一次开始喜欢它,但让我们说,已经很长时间了。 我甚至在我的2014年圣诞礼物指南的“Youtube”视频中包括它们的礼物套装之一(如果你想看到视频,请只需点击下面的照片)。

Nest Fragrances was first launched in 2008. It has recently hit the Australian shores and is exclusive to Sephora. I was privileged to attend the influencers session to hear about Nest Fragrances from the founder herself, Laura Slatkin (who looks like Jackie O in her Kennedy years). It was so fascinating to hear about how she got inspired to create each fragrance (there are now seven in the range). It's hard for me describe my creative process but, she so eloquently shared with us how the brand was created, evolved and continues to grow.

Nest Fragrances是2008年首次推出的。它最近抵达澳大利亚,是Sephora的独家产品。 我有幸参加了博客会议,并遇到了Nest Fragrances,Laura Slatkin(她看起来像Jackie O)的创始人。 听说她如何激发创造每种香水(现在有七个范围内)是如此令人着迷。 我很难描述我的创作过程,但她如此雄辩地告诉我们品牌是如何创造,演变和如何继续成长。

It is hard to choose a favourite as I do love all of them. Fragrances should match your mood I think, and I am one complicated person!

很难从范围中选择一个。 我爱每一个! 我从Nest Fragrances挑选了我最喜欢的三种香水:"Citrine"; "Verde" (男女皆宜的香水) and "Indigo".

As this is a a gift guide, I won't be able to go through each of the seven fragrances (I'll write more about Nest Fragrances in a separate blog).

My top three would be "Citrine"; "Verde" (which I feel is unisex) and "Indigo" (not only does it smell good, but one of my fave jazz songs is called "Mood Indigo" by Due Ellington and Barney Bigard).

Citrine Eau de Parfum: Lemon Blossom, Lotus Flower, Freesia, Dew Drop Accord, Precious Woods. Mood: Happiness, Joyful. Bright. To me, this brings back memories of happy times. I wear when I want to smell fresh, light and feel happy.

它的气味:柠檬花,莲花,小苍兰,露滴一致,宝贵的树林。 心情:幸福,快乐。 亮。 对我来说,这带来了回忆的快乐时光。 当我想闻到清新,光和感觉快乐,我会穿它。

Verde Eau de Parfum: Wild fern, Himalayan Cedar, Verbena Leaves and Vetiver. Mood: Crisp, Fresh. This is a very "green" and woody scent. When I smell it, it reminds me of that very moment when the rain stops falling and the sun hits the grass. It's quite evocative for me. This scent is unisex and my husband loves it.

它的气味:野生蕨,喜马拉雅雪松,马鞭草和香根草。 心情:酥,新鲜。 这是一种非常“绿色”和木质的香味。 当我闻到它,它让我想起那一刻,当雨停止下降,太阳击中草的时刻。 这对我来说很令人回味。 这种香味是男女皆宜的,我丈夫也喜欢它。

Indigo Eau de Parfum: Moroccan Tea, Kashmir Wood, Cardamom, Wild Fig. Mood: Warm, Musky, Sexy. This is a fragrance I wear if I'm having a romantic dinner date with my husband. It's a deep and complex scent and I can definitely sense the tannins from the tea and a bit of fruitiness.

它的气味:摩洛哥茶,克什米尔木,豆蔻,野生无花果。 心情:温暖,麝香,性感。 如果我有一个浪漫的晚餐日期与我的丈夫, 我会穿这香水。 这是一种深刻而复杂的香味,我可以感觉到茶的单宁和一点点的果味。

These are two of the most popular fragrances AMPED UP in G O L D.

这些是Marc Jacobs品牌最受欢迎的香水,但在非常豪华的包装。 这些是为圣诞节特别制作的。

This year, Marc Jacobs Daisy comes in three limited edition metallic colours. Gold, Pink and Red. 你可以买到金属的颜色:金,粉红色和红色。

They are all quite stunning aren't they? If you are a collector, well here is the "Daisy Shine" edition!! Make you want to get all of them, doesn't it.

"Daisy" has notes of berries and violet, accented by the rich scents of birch and cedar wood. This fragrance smells exactly like a daisy. Sunny, chirpy and adored by all. 这款香水闻起来有浆果和紫罗兰色,由桦木和雪松木香味浓郁。 这款香水闻起来就像一朵雏菊。 晴朗,啁啾和所有赞赏。

Marc Jacobs has also released the "One Eight K" Edition" of "Decadence". "Decadence" was one of the most popular scents of 2015 and pretty much hit everyone's wish list last year. 它是2015年最受欢迎的香水之一,去年几乎打到每个人的愿望清单。这是它们的“一个八克拉”版本。