Mega Mecca Gift Guide '16 | 我推荐从Mecca买的礼品

I am always excited for the Holiday Collections that come out every year! It's great that Mecca Cosmetica tells when the Holiday releases are coming and I have often seen many beauty enthusiasts crowding outside various Mecca stores early in the morning, waiting eagerly for the doors to open so that they can be the first ones to get their hands on the goodies!!

SO here is my carefully curated selection of gifts from Mecca. Thank you so much Mecca!

This year was extra special for me as Mecca kindly gifted about half of what you see here. Thank you so much Mecca!! I love you and always will.


这一年是更加特别地,因为Mecca商店慷慨地给了我一些下面的礼物。 谢谢Mecca!

我把我的博客分为三个部分:1.收藏品; 2.日常使用; 和3.适合男人和女人的礼物.

Now, I've split my Mega Mecca Gift Guide into 3 sections: 1. Collectibles; 2. For Everyday; and 3. For Her and Him. I won't be doing swatches here or the Gift Guide will be too long. I've written my thoughts on whether each one is value for money and whether the quality of the product is good.

Of course, there is a WHOLE lot more gifts that you can choose from Mecca, so hope on to the Mecca website now! (Click Fast)

I have including prices and weblinks to each item you see below.


1. Collectibles/收藏美容产品

Too Faced Grande Hotel Café


Let's start with Too Faced. O.K. I think we all know how good Too Faced products are. Their fairly affordable and the quality is good.

AND... their packaging is just too too cute! This year's Holiday Releases have a "New York" theme about them. If you ever get the chance to spend Christmas in New York, DO IT!!! It's fab! Central Park, Time Square, etc is decorated and the whole place feels so festive.

The Grande Hotel Café is the Too Faced connoisseurs' dream. It is similar to last year's Too Faced Le Grand Chateau Holiday Set.

It is in the shape of a building and is about the same size as last's year's mega palette offering.

In this one you get three palettes (Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Coffee and Eggnog Latte) that all smell quite delicious and a deluxe sized Better Than Sex mascara.

今年的Too Faced假期收藏的美容产品比去年更加可爱! 它有一个“冬季纽约”的主题。 这个项目是最大的收藏。 它配有三个化妆调色板(眼影和腮红/古铜色)。 此外,包括一个睫毛膏。 价格$ 70,这是非常值得的。每个调色板都有6个眼影,其中两个带有腮红,以及一个有古铜色。包装是非常可爱的。 我已经把它放在我的化妆台上, 在去年的版本旁边,所以它们都看起来很漂亮。

Each palette comes with 6 pigmented eyeshadows. Two of the palettes: Peppermint Mocha and Eggnog Latte also include a blush. The Gingerbread Coffee palette comes with a bronzer. You can even split the pack up and use each palette as a stocking stuffer.

THIS IS VALUE FOR MONEY. It get a big bang for your buck. The eyeshadows all perform well and so do the face products. You get enough variety of shades (some you can get from the existing palettes) and each palette is quite thin and sturdy (perfect for travel). The display case is super cute and now sits next to my Too Faced Le Grand Chateau Set.

Too Faced Merry Macarons Set


The display case for the "Merry Macarons Set" is super cute with a pop up design inside of skating at the Rink at Rockefeller Centre. You get 12 eyeshadows, all in very wearable shades and a mini Better Than Sex Mascara. The display case is a fairly plain pink case (not quite display worthy).

Like most collectible Too Faced items, this one smells of vanilla. Dreamy.

这个较小的产品从X品牌是特别可爱。 它有一个弹出图片里面的一个女孩滑冰。 有12种不同颜色的眼影和一个小睫毛膏。 颜色都非常耐磨。 此外,调色板足够小,可以携带旅行。它有一个美味的香草气味。

By Terry Impearlious Voile De Perle Compact RRPA$95

By Terry Impearlious Baume De Rose Gift Collection RRPA$96

The By Terry Impearlious Voile De Perle Compact is just a stunner. Both the compact and the pressed and embossed powders. You get a mix of rich ivory, iridescent golden amber and flattering pink colours in By Terry's slik formula which helps blur the imperfections on your skin. There is a slight scent, like a touch of rose and jasmine. The compact is ROSE GOLD. The cover is smooth and it comes with a velvet pouch. Lovely and a great addition to any makeup lover's treasure trove.

今年,By Terry发布了一个非常特别的妆粉饼。它的包装是如此美丽和豪华。 它是玫瑰金的颜色。 里面是三个荧光笔化妆粉。妆粉的质地轻且奶油状。

The By Terry Impearlious Baume De Rose Gift Collection contains 5 different shades of By Terry's famous Baume de Rose in a lip gloss format. It has the original translucent balm (the one in the middle) and four new pearlised shades (L to R: Peach; silver; original; pink and violet). I get this set every year. The colours differ from year to year very slightly but I have to say these ones have a bit of sparkle in them (not quit as metallic as they may look). Last year's version did not have any sparkles in them.

今年By Terry 着名的唇膏妆集合包括五个不同的颜色的保湿唇膏。它们非常保湿。 它们里面有一些微小小的闪光,这是比去年的妆集合不同. 去年都是哑光颜色。这些有轻微的玫瑰香味。 你可以单独应用它们,也可以在你的口红下/上应用。

These are great on their own or under/on top of your lipstick.

Very nourishing, plumping and smoothing. They do have that signature By Terry Scent to them but not off-putting. These apply smoothly and are not sticky. With the five of them, you are pretty much set for the year until next year's collection comes out.

Dipytque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Essences Insensée 2016 Solid Perfume RRPA$80

This is true collectible. It is highly luxurious. It contains 16ml of solid perfume. It is 6cm by 5 cm. Made from from black zamask, the is case embossed with the signature Diptyque oval. It certainly is quite heavy for how small it is. About 300 grams. This is an very luxurious gift.

This contains a solid perfume that is fairly strong. Just a few dabs behind the ear and in your decolletage is enough. It is very travel/bag friendly and comes with a pretty cloth pouch.

这是一个最豪华的礼物。 固体香水的容器相当重,由黑色金属制成。 它有一个小布袋。 气味是玫瑰,蜂蜜和浆果。 你只需要应用一点点。

The scent is described as "May rose, this feminine fragrance blends accords of freshly picked petals with the intoxicating, balm-like notes of honey and red fruit." I certainly detect a lingering scent of rose, with a top note of sweetness and some berries.

As it warms up on your skin, it smells divine.

Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Edit Surreal Light RRPA$116

Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Edit Brush RRPA$67

EVERYONE goes crazy for Hourglass. I've loved their products since they were first launched in the USA. I believe I have every Ambient powder, ambient blush and bronzer, or and every palette they've released so far! So for first-timers and true Hourglass fans, this palette is a must. It is travel friendly as most palettes are but WOW, this year, it comes in a "marble" compact. It is fairly light. Last year's version came in the standard shiny bronze brown colour.

This palette was one of the first releases for the Holiday collection. I think it is because last year's version sold out so quickly.

It comes with completely new shades (last year I believe, included small versions of existing shades).