3 Luxury Room Fragrances I Love | 我最爱的房间香水

With the Holiday Season coming up, I thought I would share with you, my top 3 room fragrances. I love giving the house a luxurious spritz to prep it for parties.

节日快要到了。 我喜欢聚会,所以我的房子发霉香味为我的客人享受。

I love scented candles as much as everyone else because the candle light can be so comforting but room fragrances have that advantage of being safer and more convenient to use. I'm always terrified that someone's precious little child will stick a finger into it, or someone knocks a lit candle over. Safety first!

有时我会使用香味蜡烛,因为它创造一个舒适的氛围。 然而,我发现使用家用香水更容易和更安全。 我总是害怕小孩子会把他们的手指放入蜡烛或有人会敲一根蜡烛。 那就不得了!!

Plus the 3 that I have chosen have always been great conversation starters at the parties I've thrown. :) 我选择了这三个房间香水非常特别。 包装的设计非常漂亮,我的很多朋友总是欣赏他们的设计。

1. Flora Di Fornasetti Room Spray

Fornasetti products are collectibles. The brand's products depict the creator's father, Piero Fornasetti's iconic motifs. For me, Fornasetti is way up that in terms of room scents. Not only do you have a lovely fragrance, you also have a beautiful piece of art to decorate your home with.

I also collect their candles. :)

这些X品牌的产品被一些人当作珍宝。 有些成为收集他们,我也包括在内! 品牌的创造者的父亲,是着名的意大利艺术家Piero Fornasetti。 每个产品都有此艺术家的标志性图片。

This is the "Flora Di Fornasetti Room Spray" RRPA$160. It comes in the beautiful ceramic holder with lid, and the actual room fragrance bottle is wrapped in embossed black leather. How very decadent. I think it is the perfect piece to bring out for Spring/Summer because of the floral patterns. The portrait is of the Opera singer, Lina Cavalieri, in the guise of the mythical fertility goddess 'Flora'.

这是“Flora Di Fornasetti客房香水”RRPA $ 160。 它有一个美丽的陶瓷支架带盖,实际房间的香水瓶包裹在浮雕黑色皮革。 多么豪华。 我认为这一个非常适合春天/夏天时间,因为它有一个美丽的花卉设计。 画象是歌剧歌手,Lina Cavalieri,在神话生育力女神的植物群的幌子。

The scent is described as having notes of "ivy, lily of the valley, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and musk". The first note I pick up are the Jasmine and the Lily of the Valley, then it leaves a trail of sexy musk and a touch of tuberose and sandalwood. I would describe it as a "sexy floral", mostly because of the lingering musk. If you don't like musk and sandalwood, this one is not for you.

香味被描述为具有“常春藤,铃兰,茉莉,晚香玉,檀香和麝香”的香味。 我可以闻到的第一种香味是茉莉花和百合谷,然后它留下一条性感的麝香和一点晚香玉和檀香。 我将之形容为一个“性感的花香”,主要是因为挥之不去的麝香。 如果你不喜欢麝香和檀香,这一个不适合你。

On average, one spritz is enough to fill an average sized bedroom. It lasts about 4 hours for us, depending on whether the windows are open.


I got mine from Mecca Cosmetica (click here to go straight to the webstore). 我从Mecca Cosmetica买我的。

2. Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Room Spray

Dipytque is another one of my go-to brands for perfumes, candles and home scents. This is the "34 Boulevard Saint Germain Room Spray" RRPA$77. I also have the matching candle. 这个法国品牌的香水是我最喜欢的另一个。 这一个以它们在巴黎的精品地址命名。

O.K. I admit I am a francophile. Anything french and I go "Oui, Oui!" and hand over my credit card. I particularly love this scent, not only because it smells so good, but because I remember spending a lot of time around the Paris Arrondissement of Saint Germain, when I spent 3 weeks in Paris. 这间客房的香味对我有特别的感觉,因为它让我想起我在巴黎度过的时光。你应该知道我非常喜欢法国的任何东西。

The simple black and white design of the ceramic bottle and the distinctive oblong logo is très chic.

我喜欢这个瓶子的别致和优雅的黑白设计。 这个品牌的包装非常独特。

The scent is described as "emulating the scent of Diptyque’s original boutique at the address of the same name". "Blended with a unique concoction of green, floral, woody and spicy notes for an intoxicating aroma." "Notes of damp mosses, blackcurrant, sundried fig leaves, exotic spices, fresh flowers and exotic woods". 这款香水被描述为绿色,花香,木质和辛辣的香气,令人陶醉的香气。 该品牌说,它有一个组合的潮湿的青苔,黑醋栗,无花果无花果叶,异国情调的香料,鲜花和异国情调的木材香味

To me, I can definitely smell notes of pepper, rose, lavender, oak, grass/leaves/moss after rain and a fruity scent. This is a very comforting and uplifting fragrance. I find it really helps to calm the nerves and creates a Autumnal Parisian ambience. You really must visit Paris in Autumn. You simply must. I insist. It is the best time to visit Paris. Paris in Autumn is superb. 当我闻到这一个,我可以闻到胡椒,玫瑰,薰衣草,橡树,草/叶/雨后的青苔和水果香味。 这是一个非常安慰和令人振奋的香味。 我发现它真的有助于平静的神经和创造一个秋季巴黎的氛围。 你真的必须在秋天访问巴黎。 这是访问巴黎的最佳时间。 巴黎在秋天是一流的。

This one is quite a powerful scent. It has an excellent throw. You normally use "throw" to describe candles, meaning how far does the scent of a burning candle reach. One or two spritzes of this fills our whole entertainment area, pretty much for the duration of a long dinner.

这款香水的持久力量非常好。 你只需要一个或两个喷雾,你的房间将充满这种美味的气味约4-5小时。如果你投掷一个晚宴, 这是一个非常合适的完美的香味。

Like the Fornasetti one, I got mine from Mecca Cosmetica (click here to go straight to the webstore to purchase it). 就像Fornasetti的品牌,你也可以从Mecca Cosmetica 购买。

3. Glasshouse Fragrances No. 5, Fleurs Musquées (Musky Flowers)

Oh my! Now this is a real conversation starter. Look at the beautiful diamond-like facets of the dark green bottle. Stunning. 哇,这个房间的香水瓶从 Glasshouse Fragrances 品牌是如此特别。 它让我想起绿色祖母绿。 这是非常漂亮。

Coming in at RRPA$29.95, this is a good room fragrance to start your collection with. To be honest, I think it looks like it costs more. 这只需花费RRPA $ 29.95,所以它是一种更实惠的香味。 其实,我觉得这是值得更多!

The range also comes in different scents, but here's a hint as to why I chose this one. 这一系列产品还有几种其他香水。 但因为感情的原因,我选择了这一个。

It is described as "Sweet longings. A Parisian apartment dappled in sunlight. Orange blossom whispers throughout. A perfectly beautiful touch, an irrefutable attraction. Welcome to "La Maison Glasshouse No. 5, Fleurs Musquées (Musky Flowers)". Reminiscent of a Parisian apartment filled with the scent of Orange Blossom, Amber and Rose."

这一个是“La Maison Glasshouse No. 5, Fleurs Musquées(麝香花”。 这种香味正试图唤起一个充满橙花,琥珀和玫瑰香味的巴黎公寓的氛围。

Too true. When I was in Paris for three weeks, I rented an apartment in the arrondissement of Le Marais. I wish I stayed there. 我非常同意这个房间的香味的描述。 它真的让我想起我住的巴黎公寓,当我访问巴黎三个星期时。

This is what "No. 5 Fleurs Musquées" smells like to me.

I took this photo with a Lomo camera (yes, on