Le BéBé Coo: Pretty Body & Bath Products for Babe & Mum | 婴儿有机产品

Introducing the cutest and prettiest range of bath and body products for mums and babes by International brand Le BéBé Coo! BéBé Coo means "cooing baby" in French Tres mignon no?!

我被送到了一系列婴儿护肤品, 目的是写一篇博客文章对我的产品的想法。该产品在美国制造,该公司的名字叫做"Le BéBé Coo"。它的名字很可爱,从法语翻译的意思是“宝贝咕咕”。

I was sent the following products for review. OKAY, I don't have any babies, but I can certainly appreciate fine bath and body products!

  • The range of Hair care: Shampoo for Red; Brunette and Blonde hair and Leave-in Conditioner Detangler (each RRPA$26) 洗发水

  • The Massage Oil (RRPA$28) 按摩油

  • The Bed Time Bath (RRPA$22) 婴儿沐浴露

  • Barrier Cream (RRPA$20) 霜宝宝预防瘙痒

Based on the retail price, I would describe the range to be mid-level. However, based on the quality and packaging, I would describe it as high-end.


The products are made in the U.S.A. and are cruelty free. 该产品不进行动物试验。You can purchase them online at http://www.lebebecoo.com.au/ and http://www.lebebecoo.com/

The packaging is very cute. There are little back bows on the caps or the bottles and the labels are printed in English and French. Every item came with a seal inside the cap (those silver foil type's you need to peel off for the products to come out).

These are the three shampoos I was sent. I mainly used the Brunette one and the Blonde one as I have not transitioned to an almost Ash grey hair.

Every product is Paraben; Sulfates; Retinols; Phthalates; and Formaldehyde Free. Making it safe for both nursing mums (but always check with your doctor) and babes to use. 每一个产品没有:对羟基苯甲酸酯;硫酸盐;维甲酸;邻苯二甲酸盐;和甲醛。(始终是安全咨询你的医生。)

The shampoos are easy to use. They don't seem to foam up as much as other commercial shampoos but they do leave my hair feeling every so soft and smelling sweet. They are very gentle and easy to rinse off. 洗发剂是易于使用。很快的用清水冲洗干净,并留下你的头发感觉柔软而有光泽。

They all have a very mild pleasant scent, like a bit of a mix of camomile and lavender. Looking at the ingredients list on the back, they contain a lot of herbal and plant ingredients that are soothing to both body and mind like Pro-vitamin B5; Vitamin E; Wheat Protein; Aloe; matricaria (a type of camomile); sage; basil; rosemary; lavender; red cabbage; sweet almond oil; coconut oil and caramel. The colour enhancers are derived from natural ingredients.

每个产品都有一个温和宜人的气味。香味是从使用的成分用舒缓的草药和植物提取物的来源。它们舒缓身心像维他命原B5;维生素E;小麦蛋白; 芦荟;母菊(一种甘菊花); 智者; 罗勒; 迷迭香; 薰衣草; 红卷心菜;甜杏仁油;椰子油和焦糖

Also included in the hair care range is a leave-in detangling conditioner. I think this is a brilliant idea for mums (and dads) that are busy looking after their babies. They simply do not have the time to spend in the shower waiting for their conditioner to work and rinsing it out!


This conditioner has a 'quick ' release formula which helps the product absorb a lot faster. Similar to the shampoos, it is made with natural and herbal extracts.

This one includes Linseed extract as well as many of the herbs listed above.

It likewise has a very mild and pleasant scent.


The range extends beyond just haircare and includes; a Nourishing Lotion; a Massage Oil; a Bath Lotion; a Head-to-Toe Body Wash; a Lip Protector and a Barrier Cream. 产品还包括的范围内;一个润肤露;按摩油;一个沐浴露;一个头部到脚趾的沐浴露;唇保护和防护霜。

The Barrier Cream's essential ingredient is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a common ingredient used to help with diaper rash. The cream also has balsam; camomile; aloe vera, cotton plant extract and safflower extract. All known to help soothe itchy skin. Adults can use it for rashes and eczema. Texture wise, it felt very light, not overly greasy and absorbed into the skin quickly. I could not detect much of a scent from this cream. 乳膏的主要成分是氧化锌。氧化锌是很好的治疗瘙痒。它还包括其他舒缓的成分,如甘菊和燕麦提取物。大人可以使用它呢!它帮助湿疹和皮疹。

I LOVED the Bed Time Bath. I actually like to take a bath (instead of a shower) every night if I have the time to help soothe the mind and the aches from the day. This is gorgeous. It has a light scent but it was enough to make me feel very relaxed. Not too foamy, so don't expect a bubble bath. It has lavender as a main active ingredient; there is camomile and oat extract to help moisturise the skin. 一切中, 我最喜欢的产品是洗澡时间化妆水。它是如此的温柔和舒缓。香味真的让我费宽松,准备上床睡觉。它还冲洗容易脱落呢!

THEN on top of that, to pamper both baby AND mums and dads, there is the Massage Oil. Massages are always a treat and I've read that massaging your baby helps deepen the bond between parent and child. I think it's such a great idea that they've included this in the range. It has similar ingredients to the rest of the products. All meant to be gentle and soothing. 按摩油也是不错的。这不是很油腻,但润肤足以给一个很好的按摩。给宝宝按摩可以帮助您和您的宝宝的债券。它有一个愉快和淡淡的清香。我认为父母会喜欢使用它。它的成分被选择为他们的皮肤镇静性质。

The Massage Oil is not greasy, but emollient enough for you to give either your babe or your partner a nice massage. The main active ingredient is açaí oil and jojoba oil. The other ingredients include safflower; sunflower; vitamin E; grape; rice bran extract; and apricot kernel extract. I think this would be a very handy product to have on hand if your baby gets fussy.

I've taken a photograph of the back of the product so that you can see what the ingredients are like. 我采取了产品背面的照片,这样就可以看到什么成分等。

Final thoughts | 最后的想法:

I think these will make a pleasing present for anyone not just mums and dads with new babies. The packaging is simple, elegant and very appealing.

I like the blend of plant and herb extracts used.

我想这些都是礼品,大多数人希望收到. 不只是妈妈和爸爸与新的婴儿。包装很简单,优雅,非常有吸引力。我喜欢它的成分大多数有植物和植物提取物使用的混合。

From my initial tests, all products are very gentle. I'll have to get some feedback from my girlfriend as she has just had a baby and I will be buying her some of the products too! 我的第一印象是,这些产品是制作精良和对皮肤非常温和。我买了一些产品,为我的朋友谁刚刚生了一个孩子!我希望让你知道她的想法!

The price point is reasonable. As noted above, the products are cruelty free. They are not marked organic but I don't see anything on the ingredients label that could (to my limited knowledge) be harmful.


Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯

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