It Cosmetics - "You Sculpted" versus "My Sculpted Face"

I adore It Cosmetics and have been a huge fan of the brand since it was first launched. I love the whole philosophy behind the brand from it's founder Jamie Marie Kern. The "My Sculpted Face" highlighting and contour palette has been made go-to as the colours are more natural. I even have a back-up!

我喜欢It Cosmetics妆品,从当它第一次推出, 并已对品牌的忠实粉丝。我喜欢品牌背后的整个哲学,从它的创始人Jamie Marie Kern。 “我的雕刻脸 | My Sculpted Face”色板的颜色更自然。我甚至有一个备份!

I previewed the new updated version of this palette, called "You Sculpted" at the Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase. 我第一次看到这个彩妆盘的最新版本在丝芙兰独家品牌展示台。

These palettes can be used on the body as well. 这些托盘可在主体以及被使用。

You can purchase them from or

From the Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase

I thought I would do a compare and contrast of these two palettes for today's blog. 对于今天的博客,我做一个比较和两个调色板的对比度。

On the left is "My Sculpted Face" and on the right is "You Sculpted"

左边是“我的雕刻脸 | My Sculpted Face”,右边是“您的雕刻 | You Sculpted”

From the side by side comparison, you can see that the shades in the "My Sculpted Face" Palette have more stark contrast between them. The highlighters are also white in colour. One is matte and one is shiny. The flesh tones have a more brownish and neutral tone to them. 从并排比较的一面,你可以看到,在“我的雕刻脸 | My Sculpted Face”调色板的色调更鲜明。该荧光笔也是白色的。一个是哑光,一个是有光泽。该肤色有更褐色的,而且更中性色调。

The "You Sculpted" palette has two new highlighters that are a light flesh tone. One is matte and one is shiny. The rest of the shades in the palette are not as stark. There is more of a gradual darkening of the shades of colours. I personally feel that the shades have a neutral tone to them and would suit most skin colours. “非诚勿雕塑 | You Sculpted”的调色板有两个新的荧光笔是浅肤色。一个是哑光,一个是有光泽。在调色板的色调其余都不如明显。还有更多的颜色深浅逐渐变暗。我个人觉得色调具有中性色调,并会适合大多数皮肤的颜色。

From the side by side comparison of the swatches above, you can see a difference in the shades.

On the left is "My Sculpted Face" and on the right is "You Sculpted"

左边是“我的雕刻脸 | My Sculpted Face”,右边是“您的雕刻 | You Sculpted”

Obviously, the swatches of the highlighters from the "My Sculpted Face" are white, whereas the ones from the "You Sculpted" are flesh toned. 很显然,从“我的雕刻脸”的荧光笔的样本是白色的,而从那些“非诚勿雕刻”是皮肉色调。

The mid-tones of the shades in "My Sculpted Face" are the colours I use the most and they are fairly close to the mid-tones in "You Sculpted".


The second most darkest tone from "You Sculpted" appears more orange. The one from "My Sculpted Face" is more brownish.

The darkest tones from each palette are in the opposite. The "My Sculpted Face" one appears more orange and the "You Sculpted" appears more of a true brown. I actually prefer the colour from the "You Sculpted" palette.